Learning the OS's

Operating Systems form the heart and soul of computer systems. They are the set of programs which run the computer and help you process the data at such an incredible speed that it almost appears magical to everyone.

Now for anyone to be able to hack into any system will love to know the vulnerability of the OS running on the system. And so must you all(as u are aspiring hackers, right!). So lets start studying about OS in detail.

First and foremost study all there is to study about the basics of OS. The OS's may change but the concepts remain the same more or less.

Then install an earlier version of Windows(98 or 95). Now don't stare at me like that! I know that windows is BAD in terms of security, however it is a hackers heaven. You can try out all ur skills as a practice test here before venturing out. Play up with the OS, tweak the settings,registries and the codes(Did I say codes?). Try everything you can think of don't worry about crashing your system(Windows are meant to crash anyways). If you worry about failure then remember that failures are pillars of success (But try not to build only pillars without any hope to ever building the roof).This will give you thrill and the boost to move forward.

Then go for the *nixes. Try to install all variants of linuxs that you can lay hands on (Don't worry they can be downloaded from the net free of cost). Read all the MAN pages religiously. Read all that you can find about UNIX and LINUX (including their fascinating history). Try out hands-on on all that you can on these OS.

This completes the basics of hacking. Do these and remember these three E's

Explore Experiment and Enjoy

You will be a hacker in the true spirit of the word.

Don't worry there will be more on this blog by me. Just be a little more active and post more questions. It will help us both.


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