Microsoft Interops Day

Well, well, well... I committed the crime. An open source developer attending a Microsoft event is definitely a crime. But then they promised it was going to be an event for PHP development on Windows. I took the bait, hook, line and sinker. Damn!!

The interoperability day turned out to be a cheap marketing gimmick, showcasing what you can do with IIS and Silverlight. This is a session by session breakup of what the Microsoft guys showed us:

Session 1:
Promised : Build an end-to-end, authentication and authorization model for your existing PHP application in less than 30 mins.

Delivered : An existing PHP application was taken, authentication provided by removing anonymous access from the root directory, and authorization provided by adding a login page. Quite a good demonstration , I would admit. With a few clicks of mouse, we could achieve something which takes a few lines of code.

My Take : To a hand coder like me, who needs to have control on all the stuff going around me, I don't think I will ever use this stuff.

Session 2:
Promised : Access your data exposed from your PHP app, through a RESTful service interface.

Delivered : This is where I dozed off. The demo was to show how you can easily configure a webservice for a SQL Server DB, plugin your CS code to harvest this code and show it through your browser.

My Take : Now, I may be snoring while they showed how the PHP application comes into the picture, but I have no memory of any PHP code being shown in this session actually. It was all about how to use standard plug n play snippets in Visual Studio, ADO.NET and SQL Server.

Session 3:
Promised :
Configuring Windows to run your PHP applications.

Delivered : They showed us some so-called cool GUI configuration techniques for porting .htaccess configurations.

My Take : Now why would I do that? When I have a single .htaccess file to control all my apache configuration, why would I monkey around with the superfluous click-and-you-are-done controls in IIS? And the best part of the presentation was that the guy showing this all leads the PHP UG in Bangalore. What a sham!

Session 4:
Promised :
Discover the web designer in you, to build pure CSS based PHP websites.

Delivered : A couple of CSS tips and tricks downloaded from the net. And a huge demo of how Silverlight can Light up your web apps.

My Take : No discussion what-so-ever for using CSS for PHP templates!! Cummon!! Atleast stick to what was promised in your mailer. But then MS is never known to stick to its promises, is it?

Overall, I think that if they had called us in for a demo of what MS is doing for the Web Developers, then I would have definitely loved the sessions. I have never worked on MS stuff for web apps development and I would have loved to have a kick start. But I went there with a differend picture in mind, and was deeply disappointed by the way in which the MS guys used the name of PHP for promoting their products.

N.B. I am currently working on AWS using Python. I find it a compelling cloud computing platform and will be starting a series of posts on it. Anyone who loves cloud computing, hold on to your keyboards!! ;)