Learn Programming !!

So guys now that we have learnt how to use the net for our benefit,lets move on to the next level.

A hacker knows a number of programming languages.Those are his tools and believe me as there is a different tool for different situations, you will face situations where you find that you have to use a different programming language.

So here are a few languages which you have to have to know :-

i) You must know web designing languages including HTML,XHTML CSS,Javascript, vb script , mysql and php to learn to hack anything involving the internet. Also you may need to build a webpage where you will write about all your exploits. These languages are what you will need then.

ii) Thoroughly learn C or any of its variant(like C#, C++, etc.). By thoroughly I mean that you must be pretty good with programming big projects using this language, not just the "Hello World" stuff.

iii)Learn a scripting language like PERL(this is what I know, love and recommend but who cares for my advice,EH!!) or PYTHON. There are others but I don't know them and how can I recommend anything without first using it.

You will get a lot of good tutorials on the net for these languages. Just go to
Google and search for tutorials. A lot of them will be there choose one that suits your style.

Get source codes from the net(There aren't millions of them floating there, to be frank, but you can find some good ones there). Try to analyse them and tweak them for better output. Play with the codes a lot.

When you think you are ready you can get projects on the net and try to finish them to the end. You will love it when you finish them.

This is the end of todays topics.

Any doubts,questions,suggestions are are welcome.Feel free to express urselves guys.

Happy hacking!!!


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