How to become a Hacker?

So now that you know what is a hacker, don't you wanna know how to become one.

I will tell you this in a step by step method.

Everyday (or may be in two days,at the most,if I am busy) there will be an article as to how to become a hacker. The topics will be in an increasing order of intensity and interest. So I advice you to read them chronologically.

Now this topic concerns How to start?

This is the most frustrating part.You wanna learn something and there is no one to tell you how to do it.Don't worry I will give you an hint as to how to start. This is based on how I started and how most of "them" start.

Learn to use the Internet

You may have heard that the Net is a vast ocean of knowledge. But howcome you have never found it. Its because you have never ventured into deep waters. Try to do it and use a trustworthy search engine as your helmsman.

I would suggest these two search engines:-

Try to search every thing and look out for new and interesting things which you may have never looked at.

Searching the net for a particular piece of information is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. But don't worry. There are lots of tutorials on the net as to how to search properly. Google for it(this means search for it in Google, try to learn this expression as you will find it very frequently on the various newsgroups and forums).

Join Forums, Newsgroups and Mailing lists

You can learn best in a peer to peer arrangement. So join forums and then search out for people who you think are almost at your level of learning and start sharing with them.

And remember that you are new to the community so don't blabber anything which you are not confident about(Hackers have a very good memory and they don't forgive and forget mistakes).

Now, this is the end of this post. I'll back with some good post tomorrow. Till then happy hacking!!


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