Helping Sustained Learning

Right since our childhood, we have been force fed by our education system to mug up all that we can. No one knows why. The teacher's don't. The parents don't. The children for sure don't.

Given the fact that most of the human knowledge is already on the internet (read Wikipedia), don't you think we need to break the rules now? Do any of us grown up adults remember anything more than how to find stuff from the Net and use it logically? I, for one, sure do. So, do we really need our children to go through the excruciatingly painful education system?

Aside: Wow!! I really like to ask questions.

Aside II: Can I provide answers? Sure why not!! What I propose is something like a secondary brain. Our vault of memory on the cloud.

Like it or not Sherlock Holmes was right. We do have a limit to the Petabyte HDD we carry in out heads. We can only store so much information in our head. Why bug it up with all the unnecessary information children get from the subjects they are not interested in?

Why not give them a Single-point-of-access-device for all their information needs? Whatever they read or see can be stored on the cloud so they don't need to remember anything (if they wish to). All that is required of them is that they process that information quickly and logically.

We already have systems in place for all that I propose. All we need is convergence and social acceptability.

Spare a thought for it!!


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