Blogadda looses my data!!

Dear Blogger Friend,

Thank you for visiting and submitting your blog.

We had an issue with our host yesterday due to which information about your blog was inadvertently affected. Your blog URL is in the records and you might have to update the rest of the information.

Kindly login at BlogAdda (
) and click on 'My Account' link on the top. You'll see the title of your blog linked. Clicking the title will expand into a few options and you can click on 'Manage' to update details of your blog.

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused and we would appreciate if you can update the blog details asap.

We would like to assure you that we take utmost care of the data and this would not happen again. We thank you for your co-operation.


Administration Team


What happenes when you get such a mail? I get pissed off. Within a minute of getting this mail, I shot back my reply:

No need to be sorry!! I have got tonnes of work other than to re-enter my blog details on your stupid servers which can't even store this tiny winy bit of information properly.

I am logging out of blogadda. I will make sure no one in my friendlist joins or advises anyone to join such a site which doesn't value its user's data.

I know blogadda is a free blog aggregator service and they have no responsibility what-so-ever for my data. But the question remains... how the hell can they manage to loose it?

There are many ways to loose data:

  1. Hacking : Someone hacked into their database and snooped off with the data. In that case I my email ID is in their hands and at the very least, I can expect to get thousands of spam emails which may or maynot have adware and malwares attached to them.
  2. Backup failure: Some bozo missed out taping my data. If they have a backup policy. Which I doubt hey have.
  3. Natural Disaster: The data centre was flooded and thus my data was lost.
  4. Terrorist attack: The black masked terrorists came and fled off with the tapes of my data. They also deleted my entries from the database. On the second thoughts, is my second name Bush? Definitely not.

After going through all such possibilities, all I can say is that I am mesmerised by this kinda act of terrorism on my individuality. Damn it!


Shas said...

Even i got this message. Like a fool i updated my details. Even after updating, the message displayed was the same. It was so bugging.

BlogAdda said...

Paritosh, let us clarify a few things.

One, no personal data is lost. Only for a handful of bloggers, the description, title and the keywords is what needs to be entered again. It takes less than 2 mins to enter that data. We are sorry for what has happened but am sure being a geek, you understand that even large companies are not spared. Sure, you would have read scenarios where twitter has lost tweets, google has lost certain emails and likewise. We have already started working to see this does not happen again.

We would love to have you at BlogAdda.

Paritosh said...


I can understand your frustration.

@BlogAdda (or whatever your real name is)

I will love to join back BlogAdda, iff it publicly apologises for the inconvenience caused to all the bloggers due to this small glitch of urs.

Keyser Soze & Sons said...

Wow. Did this really happen? Have they posted an apology or explanation?

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me as well .. damn .. i dont even know why I bother .. I dont think we should even accept any stupid apology! and the nerve of blogadda calling us a "geek"!! comparing themselves to twitter and google losing info.. have some decency!

Anand said...

Me too.

I find that BlogAdda has nothing to offer other than registering and a link.

They say we can meet other bloggers - but there is very little functionality available to find other bloggers.

Overtime, their database will become more valuable, because it links to so many active blogs. The most "visible" blogs will continue to benefit.

People like us who are a part of that database will not benefit with improved functionality or networking.

My worry is it is nothing more than a shady "adda". The about us section is very deceptive. Who owns the company, what is the background etc are not clear. It is a bit murky.


Keyser Soze & Sons said...

@Anand - agreed. I did some research, got the real picture

Anonymous said...

i even heard from this post ( ) that they put up a "hot" babe on their orkut profile to attract bloggers!.. cheapos!

I am sure that if we ask blogadda they will say that they are a bunch of MBA grads who just learnt php and dont know how to organize their DB and have no clue on the ethics of a decent web marketing firm!

Paritosh said...

Hey guys...

I think I have hit pay-dirt. Blogadda is the brain child of this web development company:

Check out this comparison between BlogAdda and Indiblogger:

So these guys are no bozos. They are professionals who know what they are doing. Still I dunno how they managed to loose data of so many people.


Shruti said...

Hey hi paritosh :)
I just came here through blog hopping!
Good to see you yaar!!
I too got the same mail from blogadda! But like a fool i entered all those details again!! Huh frustrating!

HaRy!! said...

hmm i just trotted along to yur blog...weird and am so sorry abt this..! blogrolling yu

Diwakar Sinha said...

oh well...
hope nothing important is lost
good luck in future though :)

neeraj said...

Hey Paritosh, Cool off man! Even I got this message from BlogAdda, prob. last month I guess. That indeed turned me off for a while. Your disgust is valid and justifiable. I am sure there must be a serious technical failure with them. Let us give them another chance. I am sure, they deserve it - as far as they are going to add this occurence into their 'Lessons Learnt' list, everything should go fine. I believe, their last line in the email assures us that this won't repeat ever again. Mistakes do happen but should not be repeated.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I am kinda dislike blogadda from now. I resgistered with blogadda years back and forgot to update, when I moved my blog to personal hosting server long back.

Actually I didnot login for years.

When I tried to update the blogs, I am surprised. There is no option to update or delete the existing blogs. There is not even an update option to update my profile data.

I am pissed off and wanted to leave blogadda... viola... there is no option to delete my own personal data.

I sent them an email just now. Lets see if they reply.

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